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Spring in Jackson Hole: 5 Things to Do

Make the most of Spring 2022 in Jackson Hole.

Spring is a great time of year to take advantage of all Jackson Hole has to offer. From biking and skiing to shopping and rejuvenating, Jackson Hole is truly a year-round destination. Here are some of the top things to do in spring.


1. Go Spring Skiing & Snowboarding

spring skiing in jackson hole

If you have ever been spring skiing or snowboarding in the Rockies, you know that the snowpack is deepest this time of year, the skies are sunnier, and air temperatures can be downright balmy. As long as you are prepared with lighter clothing and good sunscreen (!), what’s not to love about all that? Spring is also the time to experience the sheer magic of “corn snow,” which happens as the hard snow softens and forms little granules that look like corn. Turning on this kind of snow, whether you are on skis or a snowboard, requires a bit more oomph than when you’re on powder, but with a little practice, you’ll soon be having a blast. Corn snow tends to have a pleasingly uniform surface, perfect for fast gliding and predictable, smooth turns. 

If you are more into cross-country or skate skiing, spring snow has surprises in store for you, too. The cycles of melting and refreezing that occur on backcountry cross-country ski trails in spring cause a firm, upper crust to form on top of the snowpack.  If you head out early in the morning, before temperatures rise, you can actually ski on top of this crust. No longer confined to groomed roads and trails, you can freely explore areas that were inaccessible during the colder months of winter. The best place to experience skate skiing or cross country skiing this time of year is in Grand Teton National Park.  

Save on Skiing and Snowboarding

2. Take a Bike Ride in Grand Teton National Park

spring biking in the tetons

Many locals consider the highlight of spring to be the plowing of Grand Teton National Park's inner road.  After a long winter, there is nothing like dusting off the bikes and heading into the park for a day of cruising. The road closes to motorized vehicles at the Bradley and Taggart Lake trailhead parking lot.  Pack a picnic lunch (and your bear spray!) and enjoy the best view of the Tetons. 

Explore Grand Teton National Park

3. Enjoy ElkFest or Old West Days in Jackson Hole

elkfest jackson hole
Each year in the spring the elk herds shed their antlers and migrate away from the protected lands of the National Elk Refuge. Come to Jackson  a celebration of wildlife and local culture that includes harvesting elk antlers, an antler auction, a chili cookoff, and more! Proceeds from the events are returned to the Elk Refuge. Also in May, Old West Days Celebration will take place with live music, entertainment, arts, food, and rodeo events. 

Old West Days

4. Visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art

wildlife museum of art
When area ski resorts close for the season, the National Museum of Wildlife Art stays open, offering its educational programming, events, and fine art collections for visitors of all ages.  Check out upcoming events here.

Explore the Museum

5. Shop the Spring Sales

shopping in spring jackson wy
Ski shops and outdoor gear stores discount their winter merchandise to make space for summer inventory. This is a great opportunity to take a walk in the fresh spring air, purchase demo skis, and stock up on outerwear and gear for next season.

Shopping in Jackson

Need help planning the perfect spring getaway to Jackson Hole? Give us a call at (888) 838-6606 and our local experts will help you find the best lodging, transportation, and things to do for your trip! View our current travel deals and vacation packages to save on your visit.

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