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Find incredible views and photo-ops.

Enjoy the pristine winter landscapes.

See breathtaking wildlife.

Get in touch with your wild side.

Winter Tours & Snowcoach

Enjoy everything that Jackson Hole and the surrounding area have to offer with a guided winter tour.

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Eco Tour Adventures

Eco Tour Adventures

Jackson Hole Eco Tour Wildlife Adventures lives up to its name by offering guests the opportunity to take part in many of the most…


Jackson Hole is a winter wonderland. Natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife are part what makes Jackson Hole an amazing place to visit ... and live. While you are in Jackson this winter, take a guided wildlife tour or experience Yellowstone on a guided snowcoach tour.  See the wild animals in their winter range.

Winter Wildlife Tours in Jackson Hole 

Enjoy everything that Jackson Hole and the surrounding area have to offer with a guided wildlife tour. See the wild animals that frequent these areas such as moose, deer, elk, wolves, birds of prey and more.

Snowcoach Tours in Jackson Hole 

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding valleys from the comfort of a heated snowcoach.  Yellowstone National Park is closed during the winter months to motorized vehicles, and only commercial tour companies are permitted to operate within the park.  One way to explore the park is on a snowcoach tour.  These trips offer interpretations of wildlife, history, and geological features our the world's first national park.  From the comfort of a heated cabin, see bison sauntering down the groomed roadways and watch Old Faithful erupt through the snow-covered earth.

This is a great option for families with small children or those who would like to see the park in a whole new light, but prefer the comfort of an enclosed, heated vehicle

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