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Which Is Best: Renting vs. Shipping Skis & Snowboards?

Which is better, renting equipment on-site or shipping or flying with your equipment?

Your Jackson Hole, Wyoming winter trip is booked and it's only a few weeks until you get to hit the slopes. But what will you do about your skiing and snowboarding equipment? From boots and boards to helmets, there's a lot of gear to tote when you're headed to Jackson Hole. Here are some pro's and con's to consider when deciding whether to bring your equipment with you or rent equipment on-site.

Flying with or Shipping Your Gear

Many visitors choose to bring their own equipment to ski or board at Jackson Hole. You may feel the most comfortable with your own gear.

Checking Baggage
If you're considering checking ski or snowboard baggage, be sure to review your airline's baggage policies for any hidden restrictions or fees. Frequent fliers may be eligible for free checked bags, but fliers without special status may face fees per checked bag. Occasionally bags may be lost or delayed en route. So consider the possibility of arriving in Jackson Hole for your perfect mountain getaway without your skis or board. 

Shipping Your Gear
Leading shipping providers like FedEx and UPS offer gear shipping. Be careful to follow all the shipping guidelines and to wrap your equipment carefully to prevent against damage in transit.  Several other services can help you get your winter gear to Jackson Hole, including Luggage Forward, Ship Skis, and Lugless. With winter weather, shipments may be subject to delays as well. So you may wish to work with your hotel or lodging provider to arrange for your equipment to arrive a day or two early in Jackson Hole. 

Renting Equipment On-Site

To avoid the stress and hassle of shipping or flying with your gear, consider on-site equipment rentals in Jackson Hole. From skis and poles to boots, boards, and even helmets - you can find the right setup for your needs and experience level. One excellent option is to bring your boots with you and try out a new set of skis or a new snowboard. Combine the comfort of your own boots with a newly released demo board or skis. Many equipment rental providers in Jackson Hole offer the latest models and gear, and you can even swap out your rentals during your trip according to current conditions. If it's a big powder day, you can trade-up for some fat skis to save your legs and enjoy all that fresh snow. We can recommend several local sports stores with a variety of convenient pick-up locations and even Ski Butlers and Black Tie Ski Rentals delivery services that will come to your hotel or vacation rental to fit you for your trip. 

To learn more about skiing and boarding in Jackson Hole, give us a call today at (888) 838-6606. Our local experts live and play here in Jackson Hole. We can help you plan the ultimate winter trip and share travel tips with you for the best on-mountain experience. 

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