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Dog Sled Race Kicks Off in Jackson Hole

International Pedigree Stage Stop Starts in Jackson on January 26th.

Think Tour de France, only with dog sleds instead of bikes.  The 2018 International Pedigree Stage Stop Dog Sled Race is a multi-stop dog sled race that starts in Jackson and stops in 7 additional locations throughout Wyoming. 

Know as "the dog friendly race", teams get to rest each night in local shelters and a group of vets is on hand for daily check-ups.  Festivities follow the route, with hosting towns celebrating with live music, food, fire works and movie premiers. Come meet this year's 14 racers and their dogs in Jackson Hole. 

On January 26th, events will kick-off in Town Square at 5:00 pm and the first mushers will leave the shoot at 6:30 pm. There will be a post-race celebration party at Snow King Mountain with fireworks.

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