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4 Cool Things About Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole Airport is just as unique as it is convenient. Here are some of the best reasons to fly straight into Jackson Hole when you visit Wyoming.

When planning your next trip to Jackson Hole, consider booking your flight into Jackson Hole Airport.  The stylish and inviting facility will help get your time here off to a great start in any season.

1. Jackson Hole Airport is INSIDE Grand Teton National Park

You can check off the first planned activity of your vacation just upon landing alone. Flights into Jackson Hole Airport will put you in the middle of one of the country's most breathtaking national parks.  Grand Teton National Park is far more impressive to behold in person than a photo could convey.  Your welcoming committee might not be limited to flight crew and airport staff, but could include the likes of moose or elk.   

2. Arrivals and Takeoffs Both Offer a View You Will Hardly Believe

Try to get a window seat for your trip to Jackson Hole. Whether you're coming or going, you won't want to miss the glorious Wyoming terrain as it unfolds from the vantage point of your passenger window.  The Teton Mountain Range makes an outstanding first impression of the region and will leave you with a smile as you bid Jackson Hole adieu.  Look closely and you might just spot some bison or moose in the distance.

3. It's A Quick Trip From the Airport to the Heart of Your Vacation

With downtown Jackson only about 20 minutes away from Jackson Hole Airport and Teton Village accessible in 36 minutes, you'll be practically in the thick of your getaway from the moment the wheels touch the ground.  The addition of Uber and Lyft to the state of Wyoming will make the trip from the airport to your hotel simple. The airport also offers a multitiude of easy options for taxis, shuttle or rental cars.

4. The Airport Offers Amenities Galore

Enjoy one more delicious local meal at Jedediah's, a favorite in the area whose reputation extends beyond the airport. There's also plenty of comfortable seating within the airport to post up and relax while waiting for your departure. You can even bask in front of a fireplace to bring your trip to a mellow conclusion before your flight is ready to leave the region.

The Jackson Hole vacation experience is certainly well represented by our airport.  Just don't forget to step outside and take your actual vacation!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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