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1760 Moose Wilson Road
Wilson, WY  83001


Enjoy half and full-day guided floats and fish four different rivers in the area accompanied by an expert guide with local knowledge of the best spots.  Lunch is provided on full-day trips and snacks are provided on half-day trips. Flies, tippet and leaders are included; fishing license not included.  The fishing trips will accommodate all skill levels from beginner fishers and children to the most advanced angling enthusiasts. Please let us know if you are interested in a specific river or location for your guided fly fishing.

The Snake River
Half Day and Full Day Trips on Wilson to South Park, South Park to Astoria, and Astoria to West Table. These sections are great for beginners and groups having children and need more than two people on one boat.

The Green River
Full Day trips. This river, will work for all levels of anglers, especially those that want to catch bigger fish and also find hatches of insects to fish to.

The Salt River
Full Day trips. This river is for intermediate to expert anglers. The river is small and holds large numbers of cutthroat trout. Large browns swim up the river in the fall.

Flat Creek in National Elk Refuge
Flat Creek flows through the center of the National Elk Refuge and is accessible only from August to October. Fishing on the Refuge is known for its difficulty.

Yellowstone Firehole River
Firehole River is the best dry fly fishing for the Yellowstone Park without question. The warm water springs along the Firehole River raise the water temperatures enough that fishing quality falls off in July and August.

Gros Ventre River & Lower Slide Lake
Gros Ventre River runs through a variety of terrain including canyons and open meadows. Many species of fish are the Fine-spotted Cutthroat trout, brook trout and whitefish.

Upper Gros Ventre River & Crystal Creek
The fishing in the Crystal Creek/Gros Ventre section is excellent. The entire section is public land and can be accessed in various points.

Hoback River & Granite Creek
The Hoback River has definite advantages for fishermen. The accessibility and wading is easy. Although the upper part of the river is mostly private since it flows alongside private ranches, the mid and lower sections of the river provide anglers with pockets, fast riffles, and deep holes to work with. Both Hoback River and Granite Creek are perfect to take kids fishing.

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