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Snake River Park Float Trips

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9705 S Highway 89
Jackson, WY  83001


Snake River Park Whitewater and Scenic Float Trips has been operating for more than 30 years! Snake River Park offers scenic float rides, a relaxing way to enjoy the stunning scenery. These trips provide great opportunities to spot wildlife, learn the history and geology of the area, and enjoy calm waters.

Snake River Park also offers whitewater trips allowing you to journey down the fun class III intermediate rapids. Choose between the 8-person raft for an adventurous thrill or the standard raft for parties with various comfort levels. At Snake River Park, we love kids and hire guides who combine safety and fun. This is a perfect activity for the whole family, and we promise it will be the highlight of your child's vacation.

We provide convenient meeting locations both in town and at the Snake River Park campgrounds with transportation provided. 

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